Description Gardenborder

    Gardenborder is an innovative product for the creation of flower beds and, in general, green spaces fences.

    Made of recycled and recyclable material, available in rolls of 10 m at different heights, it has unique characteristics of mechanical strength and durability, which distinguish it from other similar materials on the market.

    Product features
  • Construction material: rubber
  • Available in rolls of 10 m each
  • Available heights: 15 cm and 20 cm (other heights are available upon request and are subject to availability)

  • Applications

    Gardenborder can be used for:

  • Flower beds creation
  • English lawn fences or garden paths
  • It prevents ground loosening
  • Laying between small vegetable gardens to prevent weed growth
  • Stone gardens construction

Technical Specifications Gardenborder

  • Resistant to cold (from -40 to +90 °C): does not crack and does not break after exposure to winter temperatures
  • It does not rot
  • Long lasting (at least 20 years)
  • It is not destroyed if it is taken from the brush cutter
  • Flexibility: ability to give any geometric shape to a flower bed
  • Load-resistant: on the area bounded by Gardenborder it is possible to walk or even pass over it with a cart
  • It can be easily secured with a stapler or with a phon
  • It can be cut with a knife or a cutter